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Pacific Fighters aircrafts

Some of the models I made back in... 2004??? for the Il-2 Sturmovik sim series as part of the Pacific Fighters and 1946 add-ons.
I was credited as Lead Vehicle Artist with Russian Rocket Games.
I had a lot of fun doing these and it was my first paid work in videogames! I still enjoy playing the series and looking at my little birds :-)

Dani santos 1 claude boom 1024
Dani santos 2a low poly tenzan render
Dani santos 2b low poly tenzan mesh
Dani santos 2c low poly tenzan texture
Dani santos 3a low poly j2m render
Dani santos 3b
Dani santos 3c low poly j2m texture
Dani santos 4a low poly wildcat render
Dani santos 4b low poly wildcat mesh
Dani santos 4c low poly wildcat texture
Dani santos 5a low poly b24 render
Dani santos 5b low poly b24 mesh
Dani santos 5c low poly b24 texture